Fraser Lee Hudgins

Fraser Lee Hudgins

Doctoral Student
2022 - present

PhD, Environmental Design and Planning
BioBuild Fellow

Fraser Lee is a graduate student in the Environmental Design and Planning Ph.D. program at Virginia Tech. She is also a BioBuild Fellow and an executive assistant to the director of BioBuild Dr. Annie Pearce.

Fraser Lee has a Bachelor in International Studies focusing on Environmental Sustainability and Global Health from American University, DC. She holds a Masters in Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development from The University For Peace, Costa Rica and a Masters in International Affairs from American University, DC.

Fraser Lees research interests are centered around sustainability in the built environment. She is focusing on urban water management strategies that provide ecosystem restoration, climate adaptation and resilience. In the face of rising sea levels and water tables. Fraser Lee plans to explore best practices and implementation strategies.  

Fraser Lee is currently working at IISAAK OLAM Foundation on the Emerald Necklace Initiative. This project aims to connect and empower indigenous groups though North and South America to become more autonomous over their land. As well as find ways to preserve and share their culture in a mutually beneficial manner.