About the BEST Lab

The Building Enclosure and Systems Technologies (BEST) Lab consists of a team of faculty and industry partners, who engage students in any type of system performance related technologies. Though mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems are also part of different research and exploratory projects, we place a specific focus on building enclosure systems and their interrelated thermal, hygrothermal, and acoustic performance.

The BEST-Lab is like a playground for building science geeks. If you don't know what building science is then it's time to stop by – there's a lot to learn.

Following Virginia Tech's vision to reimagine how education and technology intersect, the members of our lab strives to transform the ways how we teach and learn, perform research, and engage with communities around us. Faculty and students of the BEST-Lab engage in Discovery, Learning, and Outreach activities. 

Founded in 2008, the BEST-Lab is directed by Dr. Georg Reichard, an Associate Professor of Building Construction and principal faculty in the Myers-Lawson School of Construction.

Lab Equipment & Tools

We have a variety of test tools and equipment for lab and field deployment that is at the disposal for our research students and faculty

Lab Equipment


For performance testing of building enclosure systems, the lab has an integrated test chamber to run thermal and hygro-thermal experiments.

Environmental Test Chamber