A Phytoremediative Greenwall for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Zach Gould with some of his phytoremediative greenwall system buckets.
[Photo by Phil Miskovic for Virginia Tech]

Zachary Gould was recently featured as one of the recipient of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies sponsored Student Initiated Research Grant (SIRG) awards. He was the lead student researcher for a project titled “Initial Testing of Phytoremediative Greenwall for Improved Indoor Air Quality.” The “greenwall” is a wall of plants that was donated and installed by AgroSci. By pulling air through the system and forcing it out through the soil and roots, the greenwall was able to filter some potentially harmful particles out of the indoor air supply.

Gould points to the guitar-shaped Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, as an example of a commercial space utilizing green walls. He hopes more architects incorporate this concept into future design. “If you're going to try to decorate a space, why not use a living system that contributes to the air quality in that space? People feel more comfortable, relaxed, and less stressed when surrounded by living material, especially plants.”

[extracted from College-sponsored research grants challenge students to explore creative solutions to global problems]


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